PORTAL is a messenger service where Pony Express divine a deeply personal, deep play message from your favourite living or dead celebrity on your behalf. You selected a philosopher, politician, art-world heavy or non-human entity, entered the script of your choice, and awaited as your dutiful hosts Pony Express connected you with the influencer realm.  The portal has opened and your message has arrived. This heavily-subsidized messenger service channels discount-celeb-for-hire app Cameo, with messages broadcast via the Collective: Ghost web platform. Pony Express is the medium, you are the message, the superstar is the spirit.

Pony Express is an experimental live art entity led by Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer. Through their pandrogynous collaborative process, they work across platforms of media art, performance, video and transdisciplinary research to create alternate realities through a process of world-building. Presenting in a diverse array of traditional and non-traditional venues, they freely cooperate with communities, organisations and subcultures at the forefront of environmental futures. Their work reflects themes of adaptation, global weirding and the slow apocalypse, creating queer ecologies that trouble the ethical landscapes of the present day. Their current project Epoch Wars (2018-2021) posits an artist-led geological congress, gathered to name the next epoch of Earth's geological history. Their project Ecosexual Bathhouse, a participatory sex-club for the entire ecosystem, has toured to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Portugal, Italy, and Lithuania.